As part of Lost Lace we have created a message board where people in Ireland and Northern Ireland can share stories of those we've lost to Covid 19, or write a brief message to them. These important testimonies will live on this website for all to see, and will also form part of the inspiration for a series of new poems by Jessica Traynor which will accompany the public installation of Lost Lace at Dublin's Iveagh Gardens in October 2022.
The 'Stories of Loss' can be shared on the website from 1st May 2022 until 31st August 2022.


DISCLAIMER: The work below is posted by individuals at their own behest and The Lost Lace Project cannot take responsibility for the content of these messages. We would ask individuals posting to be aware of the sensitive nature of the messages and stories being shared, and to remain at all times respectful. These messages will be approved and posted publicly on a weekly basis. In order to post, please Register your details here.


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